Welcome to a unique refreshing and exhilarating style of abstract painting!

Rich Jones follows several principals in his art. The first is that his paintings be dramatic and interesting. This is accomplised by a blend of prominent textures, bold colors, and intricate flowing shapes. These paintings, intriguing from a distance, also have incredible beauty in the close-up detail. Many are completely different paintings viewed close-up than from a distance. There are multiple styles and textures variations within each painting. Optimally, the paintings should be hung at eye level for viewing. Due to the abstract design, these paintings can be rotated in any direction (and often look very different), and therefore are signed by the artist not on the front but on the side of the canvas border. The paintings are painted on gallery style canvases with 1 1/2 inch side borders and therefore no framing is necessary. When viewed from the side, the prominent texture of these paintings has an intriguing visual effect. Spot lighting makes them especially dramatic. These paintings continue to maintain their interest element long after the first examination due to their variety of forms, textures, and colors.

The second principle is the display of emotion and passion through the boldness of vivid colors and prominent tactile texture. His paintings are not only to be experienced visually but also tactilely. Enjoy running your fingers over the varying contours of the painting. Rich Jones' art has a refreshing and uplifting spirit to them.

The third principle that Rich Jones incorporates into his art is motion and action. This keeps the eye moving across the canvas and keeps the painting dynamic.

Come visit his gallery in Austin to view first hand his paintings! Each painting is unique and not duplicable original art. Enjoy his visual and tactile journey! 


Rich Jones' artistic taste for bold exotic colors and flair began as a child growing up of American parents in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of fourteen he left Venezuela to go to school in Massachusetts. He later attended Duke University and recieved a B.A. in Biology. After graduating from college, he was accepted to the University of Texas School of Architecture, but instead decided to go to dental school at Baylor College of Dentistry. After recieving his doctorate, he lived with his family in San Diego, California for fourteen years. In 1993 Rich Jones, aka, Richard M. Jones, D.D.S. and his family moved to Austin, Texas.

In 2003 Dr. Jones wanted some bold original abstract art for his dental office. After visiting several galleries and not finding exactly what he wanted, he decided to paint his own art. He started painting in November of 2003 and exhibits his art at his art gallery (The Jones Art Gallery) which is incorporated into his dental office. Dr Jones' abstract art style is refreshingly unique and always very stimulating. His art has been exhibited at the University of Texas Bass Auditorium and various other locations. His art is on display for viewing and for sale at his art gallery at his dramatically designed contemporary dental office. Dr. Jones' wife (Ami) and children (Sasha and Tara) also display their own (and also very talented) art work in his gallery. 

Come in and view for yourself this bold new style of abstract art. You will be in for a visual treat.