Visit our ultra contemporary art gallery showroom that displays more than fifty dramatic abstract paintings. The online photographs don't show the fascinating detail and bold texture of these paintings! These paintings are a visual and tactile treat! The very unique style of these paintings is very energizing and uplifting. 

A very interesting feature about this art gallery showroom is that it is beautifully incorporated into a functioning dental office. Dr. Jones (aka Rich Jones) is the artist for most of the paintings in the gallery. Dr. Jones' paintings add a elegant, energetic, and exciting decor and feeling for his office, while providing a gallery location for the sale of his paintings. The public is invited to browse the gallery showroom. Don't be held back by that the gallery is part of a dental office. You will thoroughly enjoy your tour through this fascinating gallery.

Not all of the paintings are for sale, however, copies may be reproduced. Presently, the inventory is being organized and priced. However, feel free to visit and view the gallery.



    Capital View Center
    1301 S. Capital of Texas Hwy., Suite A-132
    Austin, Texas 78746